How to Use the Music Widget

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Our music widget integrates with YouTube allowing you to choose from millions of videos to add music to your room! Use it to add some fun to your Session meeting/call and build engagement!

Similar to our other widgets, only room owners and hosts can use the music widget.

Adding Music to Your Room 

  • Log in and join the room with your room owner account or join using the host link
  • Click on the Tools icon at the bottom right


  • The music window will appear on screen. Paste the link to the youtube video of the music that you would like o play in the YouTube link field.


  • A preview of the video will appear. Click on Play


That's it! All participants will be able to hear the music and they can see the name of the song being played at the top left of the screen. Here's how it looks!


Participants can click on the drop-down arrow on the banner to view the video as well while listening to the music. 

Managing the Music Widget

Once you've loaded the YouTube video with the music that you want, you can hover over the widget banner for additional options. You can:

  • Pause the music for everyone by clicking on the pause icon. If the music is already paused, the play icon will be displayed instead.


  • Control the volume of the music for everyone using the volume slider


  • Switch to another song by hovering over the music widget and clicking on the menu icon. The previous song played will be saved here. You can clear it from here or play it once more.


How to Close the Music Widget

Closing the music widget once you're done with it is simple. Just hover over the music widget with your cursor and click on the close icon.


Things to note

  • YouTube playlists are not supported within the music widget.
  • Participants can pause the music and control the volume for themselves. 
  • Music added to the room will be included in the recording if the room was recorded. 


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