Collecting and Exporting Participant Data

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Session has a simple sign-up page that allows room owners to collect basic data about participants that joined their sessions. Currently, you can collect names, email addresses and can make it so that sign-in is required. This data can be exported by room owners as well.

How to Configure What Participant Data is Captured When Joining a Room

  • Login to your Session room owner account
  • Click on the room tile you would like to change the settings for 
  • Click on Customize


  • Click on Lobby at the top 


  • Select the Participant info icon at the left


  • You can choose to have participants enter:
      • their name only which is the default 
      • their name and email address
      • or, require that they are logged in to their Session account

Participants will be given the option to sign up if they do not have an existing Session account. 

  • Click on Done to close the customization panel.

How to Export the Participant Data

After the session has ended, you can export the data as a CSV within the History page of your Session account. Here are the steps:

  • Go to your dashboard/home page
  • Locate the history card for the session that you want to export the data for
  • Click View all participants


  • Click on the download icon to export the participant list as a CSV file.


  • Save the file to your device. 

The exported file will include the participants' name, email address (if requested), and whether the email address was verified. 

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