Overview of Sessions

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What are sessions?

Sessions are scheduled, one-time events, which have a specific start and end time. These sessions can have a registration page and also engagement insights after the session ends. Sessions are great for Webinars, All Hands, Keynotes, Presentations, Trainings, and other Events.


Viewing sessions in your dashboard

Once you've set up a session, you can see them on your account's dashboard. In the tab navigation, click Sessions to filter for sessions only. You can then sub-filter by Upcoming or Ended.



Dashboard cards for sessions

The dashboard cards for sessions are similar to those of rooms, with slight variations. You can see the following information on session cards:

  • Name
  • Start date, start time, and end time
  • Background image (or registration banner if available) from inside the session
  • Primary CTA that changes based on the session state
  • States of the session:
    • Scheduled: The session has been created but isn't near its start date/time. In this state, you'll see a Customize button as the primary CTA.
    • Ready to start: The session is near its start date/time or the start date/time has passed. In this state, you'll see a Start button as the primary CTA.
    • Live: The session has started and attendees can enter the session. In this state, you'll see a Join button as the primary CTA and also a label on the card for the number of attendees actively in the session.
    • Ended: The session has ended. In this state, you'll see a View insights button as the primary CTA. 



Things to note

  • Sessions are sorted in the dashboard based on their scheduled start date and time.
  • You can change the start date and time as well as the duration of your session before you start it. However, these cannot be changed once the session is started.