Overview of Webinars in Session

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What is a Webinar in Session?

Webinars in Session are one-time events that have a specific start/end time. These events can have optional registration and they will also have engagement insights.

How is this Different from Hopin?

While you can host a webinar on either Session or Hopin Events, there are differences, the most high-level of which could be summarized as follows — Session Webinars are extremely lightweight and take one person less than five minutes to set up. The Hopin events platform is robust and deeply customizable, with more advanced features and production capabilities.

Webinars Within Your Dashboard

Once you've created your webinars, you can locate them within your account's dashboard. Select Webinars to see and manage all your webinars.

You can sort them by selecting Upcoming or Ended here.


Webinar Tiles

The tiles for a webinar are similar to the tiles of regular rooms with slight variations and functionalities. You can see the following information on the webinar tiles:

  • The name of the webinar.
  • The calendar icon to access the webinar's menu
  • The date and time that it is scheduled for.
  • The room's background image is displayed on the tile.
  • A banner at the top right to indicate the state of the webinar. Details on the different states can be found further down in this article. 
  • A button that changes based on the webinar state.


States of Your Webinar

As mentioned above, your webinar/event has different stages in the event life cycle. The stage/state of the webinar will be displayed at the top right of the tile in your dashboard. The different states are:

  • Scheduled: The webinar has been created and isn't set to start soon. During this time, you'll see a Customize button on the tile.
  • Ready to start: The webinar's start time is close or has passed. You'll see a Start button on the webinar tile at this stage.
  • Live: The webinar has been started. You'll see a Join button at this stage and the number of participants that are in the room will be displayed next to the banner at the top right of the tile.
  • Ended: The webinar was started and has ended. You can click on the calendar icon to view 

You can access the menu for your webinars at any stage by clicking on the calendar icon. Here you'll see information such as the tile and scheduled date and time, how many people have signed up, and the join links.


The options here will change as well depending on the status of the webinar, however, you'll always have the ability to duplicate and delete the webinar. 

Things to note

  • Webinars are arranged within the dashboard based on their scheduled start date and time.
  • You can change the schedule date and time as well as the duration of your webinar before you start it. This cannot be changed once the webinar is live or after it has ended.

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