How to Setup a Registration Page for Your Session

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You can add a registration page to any session, so that attendees are required to signup before joining your event.


Configuring your registration page

Step 1: Log into the dashboard for your Session account (, find the card for your session, and click Customize. 

Step 2: When you enter the session, the Customization panel will be open. Click the Registration tab in that panel.



Step 3: Freely edit all information on your registration page, but note that all changes will be saved automatically. While customizing, you will see a preview of your registration page that will update in real-time as you make changes.Screenshot_2023-05-15_at_3.04.42_PM.png


Inviting attendees to register for your session

Once your registration page is configured, you can start inviting attendees by either copying the URL from your browser address bar, or finding the various places in the session where you see Copy link. These links will all be the same, and will likely include a passcode in the URL automatically (passcode-protection is on by default).


Tracking registrations for your session

You can view how many attendees have signed up for your session by clicking on the session card in the dashboard. If there are 1 or more registrations, you will be able to view those attendees in a popup, and also export the list into a csv file.