Inviting Participants and Tracking Signup for Your Webinar

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Participants can "register" or sign up for your webinars on Session. Room owners, you can choose to have participants enter their name only, their name, and email address, or you can set it so that they have to be logged in to their Session account to sign up. This has to be set up within the lobby customization panel for the room. Let's get started. 

Configuring your Sign-up Page

  • First, log into your room owner account
  • From the Home tab/dashboard, locate the webinar and click on the calendar icon to access the menu
  • Click on Customize


Tip! If the scheduled time for the webinar is still in the future, you'll see the customize button on the webinar tile on the homepage. 

  • Click on Registration at the top of the page


While editing customization features, you will see a preview of what your participants see when they navigate to the room's registration page:Registration_Preview.png


Inviting People to Your Webinar

You'll need to share the room's join link with people who you would like to attend after you've finished setting up your webinar. Send your hosts the room's host join link so that they can have host privileges. There are two ways to obtain these links. 

Method 1:

  • Login to your room owner account
  • From the Home tab/dashboard, click on Webinar and locate the webinar in question 
  • Click on the calendar icon on the webinar tile to access the menu


  • Click on Copy next to the participant link or the host link


  • Send them out to people!

Participants can add the scheduled event to their Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar from the sign-up page.

Tracking Signup for your Schedule Webinar

To see how many people have signed up for your webinar, simply

  • Log into your room owner account
  • From the Home tab/dashboard, locate the webinar and click on the calendar icon to access the menu
  • You'll be able to see the number of people that have signed up. 


Click on View to see their information and when they signed up. You can export the participant info by clicking on the download icon at the top right of the small window. 


Tip! This information can be exported later as well.

Things to note

  • It's not possible for anyone to enter the room until the webinar has been started by the room owner. This includes room owners.
  • You cannot remove participants from the signup list at this time.

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