How to Create a New Session

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Creating a session is very similar to creating a room, with the main difference being that you assign a specific start date, time, and duration.


Step 1 - Login

Log into the dashboard for your Session account (


Step 2 - On the Home tab, click New



Step 3 - Select One-Time Session



Step 4 - Enter your session details

Enter the session name (which will also be in your session link and will not change if your session name changes), start date, start time, and duration.

Note: Sessions will default to start at 9:00 AM on the next day and last for 1 hour. The date and time displayed will be in the timezone on your device.


Step 5 - Select a theme

Select the default layout for your session. You can choose between the Meetup theme, the Workshop theme, and the Webinar theme.

Note: The theme cannot be changed later.


Step 6 - Customize your session

Once you create your session, you will be placed into it, where you can customize the look and feel.