How to Start and End Your Webinars

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Room owners are required to start a webinar even though it's scheduled in order for participants to enter the room. 

It's recommended that you change the start time for your webinar if the start and end time has passed. Participants will not be able to join a webinar if you start it after it was set to end. 

Starting Your Webinars

  • Log in to your room owner account
  • From the Home tab/Dashboard locate the webinar that you want to start
  • Click on Start on the webinar tile if it's in the "Ready to start" state. This simply means that the scheduled time is here or has passed.


  • Alternatively, if it's not yet time for the webinar and you want to start it nonetheless, click on the calendar icon on the room tile, then select start on the next screen.


  • You'll then be taken to the lobby for your webinar room, configure your video and audio settings here if the webinar was scheduled to be held in a Meetup or Workshop themed or room.

If the webinar was scheduled to take place in Interactive Webinar themed room, you'll be able to configure your video and audio settings before joining the stage if you choose to do so.

  • Next, click on Join webinar


  • That's it!

Participants will have the option to signup and join a webinar before it has been started by the room owner, however, they will not be taken inside the room as yet. Instead, they will see, "Waiting for the host to start the webinar." Participants with host privileges will see this message as well.

Ending Your Scheduled Webinars

End your webinars with just a few clicks and you can end it ahead of the scheduled time if you want! Both room owners and hosts can end a webinar. Here's how:

  • Join your webinar using your room owner account or using the host join link
  • Click on the leave room icon at the bottom of the room
  • Click on the End webinar for all button


  • You'll be asked to confirm that you want to end the webinar. Click on End webinar to do so.


  • Participants will be taken to a screen advising them that the webinar has ended and they will be told if the room/event was recorded or not.

Participants will be able to access the recording using the join link once it's finished processing.


  • Click on the Back to dashboard button from your end to go back to your account's homepage or close the browser tab.

You can then access the history card as well as export data for your webinar. If the room was recorded, we recommend allowing 24 hours for recordings to become available though they may be available much sooner.

Things to note

  • You cannot edit the start time and duration of your webinar once it's live (has started). This can only be done prior to going live. 
  • Only room owners can start a webinar while the room owner or the host can end it. 
  • The webinar will not automatically end if it goes over the set duration. The room owner or a host will need to end it themselves.


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