How to Sign-up For and Access Webinars in Session

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You must first sign up for webinars held on Session in order to join once they've started. The sign-up process is simple though. You'll be required to either enter your name only, enter your name and email address, or you may need to be logged into your Session account. 

You cannot sign up for a webinar before it has started but if you navigate to the webinar's landing page 30 before it is scheduled to start, you will only be able to sign up for a reminder email. You can also add the webinar to your Google, Apple, or Outlook calendars.

Let's get started!

Signing Up for Webinars With Name Only or Name and Email 

  • First, navigate to the webinar's landing page using the join link that was sent to you
  • From here, enter your name as well as email address (if an email address is required as well)


  • Next, click on Join webinar

You will be able to see the names of some of the participants who are inside the webinar from here if the room is configured for everyone to be able to view the participant list.

If you need to change your name or email address after you've joined, you will need to leave the room, navigate to the webinar landing page again then change the information here.

Signing Up for Webinars That Requires You to Be Logged in to Your Session Account

  • Navigate to the webinar's landing page using the join link that was sent to you
  • Next, click on "Sign In" to log in to your Session account or click on Sign up if you do not already have an account. You'll be redirected to the Hopin login or sign-up page. 


  • Once you've logged in, you'll be redirected back to the webinar landing page.
  • Click on Join webinar.

You'll only need to click on Join webinar if you are already logged into your Session account before navigating to the webinar landing page. You can also log in to a different Session account if you have more than one and you're logged into the wrong one. Simply click on Not you?


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