Joining a Scheduled Session as an Attendee

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Scheduled sessions are those that occur one time at a specific date and time. Organizers who setup these sessions have the option to add a registration page, so that you are required to enter your email address (and other optional fields) to be able to join the session. If no registration page exists, you will be able to join a scheduled session once it has been started, just like you would join a room.

Anyone can join a scheduled session, regardless of whether or not they have a Session account.


Registering for a scheduled session

You will notice a session requires registration if you click its link and land on a page that asks for your email address and name (see below example).

Enter your email address, name, and any other information requested by the organizer. Click Register. You will see a success dialog on the page and then you will receive a confirmation for the session.

In your confirmation email, you will see an attached calendar invite, which will have all the details for the session. If the host changes the start date, time, or duration for the session, you will automatically receive a new confirmation email with a new calendar invite.

Important Note: The link in your email and calendar invite is unique to your email credentials, so we recommend that you avoid sharing the link with others.


Joining a scheduled session before it starts

When the start time of a scheduled session is within 30 minutes, you will receive a reminder email with the details, including your unique link to join the session. If you click the join link before the session is started by a host, you will be able to configure your audio and video (when applicable) and name, and then you will see a Waiting for host screen (see below screenshot). When a host starts the session, you will be immediately placed into the session.


Joining a scheduled session after it starts

When the session is started by a host, you will be able to join the session using your unique join link. If the session requires audio and video, you will see be able to check yours, enter your name label information, and then join the session. Learn more about joining a session

If the session does not require audio and video (i.e. a session using the Webinar theme), you can review your prefilled name (from your registration info) and then join the session.