How To Remove Attendees from a Session or Room

  • Updated

Hosts have the ability to remove specific attendees in the session/room.

To do so, find the attendee in the Attendees panel, and click the three dots menu (mceclip0.png). You will see an option to Remove from room (or Remove from session). 

After clicking this option, you will see a confirmation dialog to ensure you want to take this action. That's it! The attendee will be removed from the session/room immediately. They'll be notified that they have been removed by a host.


Important Note: If the user rejoins the session/room, you will have to take this action again (we do not support banning users at this time). To prevent this, we recommend setting the security preferences to Ask to join or regenerating the passcode for the session/room via the Security section in the Customization Panel.