How To Remove Participants

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Room owners and hosts can remove participants from a Session room if they need to. This article outlines how to do it.

  • Join the Session room with your room owner account or via the host join link
  • Click on Participant_icon.png at the bottom right or press the P key on your keyboard to open the participant panel
  • Locate the name of the participant and click on the three dots (mceclip0.png) next to their name
  • Click on Remove from room


  • Click on Remove in the confirmation window that appears in order to complete the process


  • That's it! The participant will be removed from the room immediately. They'll be notified that they have been removed from the room on their end.


Important: Participants can rejoin the room after being removed. If the room is locked, they will need to ask to join and wait to be let in, however, if the room is unlocked, no approval will be needed. We recommend locking your rooms if you don't want those who were removed to freely rejoin. You may also change the room's passcode if the room so that they cannot ask to rejoin.

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