How to Access Webinar Insights

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You can view the insights for your webinars after they have finished. The webinar insights page includes an engagement chart, the recording, attendee/participant data as well as other information such as chat message, Q&A questions, and files sent during the webinar.

Room owners, you can access the insights (history) for your webinars using one of two methods once the webinar has ended. The two methods are detailed below.

Method 1: From the Home Page (Dashboard)

  • Log into your Session room owner account
  • From the Home page/Dashboard, click on the Webinars tab
  • Next, click on the Ended tab


  • Locate the tile for the webinar and click on the View insights button.


Method 2: From the History Page

You can also locate the insights for your webinar by navigating to the History Page. 

  • Log into your Session room owner account
  • From the Home page/Dashboard, click on the History tab at the top of the page


  • Next, locate the room tile and click on it.


Things to note

  • It is not possible to access the insights/history for a webinar while it is in progress. It has to end first.
  • Participants will be able to view the webinar recording from the post-event page (same participant link) after the webinar has ended if this feature was enabled by the room owner within the insights page. 
  • Recording is enabled for all webinars by default but can be turned off within the room's customization panel. 
  • The insights page can be shared. Please see Accessing and Sharing Your Session Recordings and Other Data for more details.
  • Insights cannot be deleted from your account at this time.
  • It is not possible to see how many people signed up for reminder emails for your webinar on the insights page. You must go to your Session dashboard > Click on Webinars > Select Ended > Click on the tile for the webinar.

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