How To Use the Q&A Feature

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Hosts can enable the Q&A feature for their sessions. This article covers how to use it as a participant. 

Asking a Question

  • From inside the Session room, click on the Q&A icon at the bottom right of the room


If you do not see the icon, this means that the host has not enabled the Q&A feature.

  • Next, click on the Ask question button at the bottom right. (This button will be grayed out if the hosts have prevented new questions from being asked).
  • Type your question into the field. (Questions must be 250 characters or less). 
  • Optional: Check the box next to Ask anonymously to ask an anonymous question. It will also show up as an anonymous question within the room history/insights as well.


  • Next, click on the Ask button


  • That's it. Your question will show up in the Q&A panel for everyone to see. 

Deleting a Question

You can delete questions that you've asked within the Q&A panel. You cannot delete questions that were asked by other participants.

Deleted questions cannot be recovered and are not stored within the room's history page.

  • From inside the Session room, click on the Q&A icon at the bottom right of the room


  • Place your cursor over the question then click on the trash can icon


  • That's it.

Upvoting Q&A Questions

It's likely that someone else asks a question that you want to know the answer to as well. Upvote it!

Up-voting questions can help the host to know which questions are popular and they may want to answer them first as well.

  • From within the Q&A panel, locate the question you'd like to upvote
  • Next, click on the upvote icon (arrow pointing up)


  • That's it!

To remove your upvote, simply click on the highlighted upvote icon.

Q_A_-_Remove_upvote.gif </p class="note">

It's not possible to downvote questions. 


Q: How can I tell when my question or other questions have been answered?
A: There will be an Answered banner next to the question. They are marked as answered by the hosts.

Q: Can I sort questions in the Q&A panel?
A: Yes. You can sort the questions by popular, newest, and oldest. You can also choose which questions you want to see. Choose to show all questions, answered questions, or unanswered questions.

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