Participating in Q&A

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Q&A is available as a widget in both rooms and sessions. Any host can start Q&A, which will display a toast to everyone in the session/room and add a new button to your bottom toolbar as an attendee.


Asking a question

You can open the Q&A panel at any time to ask a question or view all questions asked. To ask a question, click Ask question, which will reveal a text box for you to type your question. If the Ask question button is disabled, a host has decided to stop collecting new questions.

Type your question and ensure it is less than 250 characters. If the host has enabled anonymous questions, you can choose whether or not your display name is hidden when submitting your question.

Once you have completed typing your question, click Ask to submit the question. After submitting, everyone in the session/room will be able to see your question and upvote it.


Deleting a question

You can delete any of your submitted questions at any time. To do so, hover over one of your submitted questions to reveal a trash icon. Click the trash icon to delete your question. You will see a confirmation popup to ensure you want to delete your question, since this action is irreversible.


Upvoting other questions

You can upvote any question that is asked by others in the session/room. Upvoting can help hosts know which questions are most popular, if they want to sort the list in that order.

To remove your upvote on a question, simply click on the highlighted upvote icon.


Things to note

  • You can filter submitted questions by All, Unanswered, or Answered.
  • You can sort submitted questions by Newest, Popular, or Oldest.
  • Hosts can mark submitted questions as answered, which will show an Answered label on the message. These apply to all messages, not just ones you submitted.