Managing your Rooms

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If you have not yet created a room, follow this guide on how to create a new room.

Once you have some rooms, you can manage them in different ways. To start managing your rooms, follow these steps.

  • Log into your Session account
  • From the Dashboard/Homepage, locate the room that you would like to manage
  • Click on the room tile


Here you’ll be able to:

Rename your room

Simply click on the pencil icon to rename your room.



The room's join link will not be affected if the name of the room is changed. The name that was set when the room was created will remain. If you would like to change it, you would be required to create a new room.

Change privacy settings

To show the setting for privacy, you will have to click the pencil icon next to the title of your room


Now, you can toggle the switch next to "Privacy" to "lock" or "unlock" your room.

A locked room means that participants will be put into a waiting room. They will need to click on the Ask to join button to alert the room owner or host that they would like to enter the room. The room owner will then be notified and can let participants in.

For unlocked rooms, anyone with the link can join the Room at any time.

Copy the participant link

Click on Copy here to copy the Participant join link for the room. Paste it anywhere you'd like to such as in a calendar invite, an email, or a message. Anyone that joins with this link will be a normal participant in the room


Copy the host link

Click on Copy here to copy the host join link for the room. Send it to those who you would like to have host privileges.


Delete a room

Click the Delete button on the right-hand side. A new pop-up will ask you to confirm your choice, click Delete room to permanently delete your room.


Deleting a room is irreversible. You will be notified of this before you can complete the deletion process. Only room owners can delete rooms.

Read our article about deleting rooms for more information.

Duplicate a room

Duplicate your room to make a new one with the same customizations and theme.


Click the Duplicate button from the right-hand side.

Another pop-up will ask you to apply settings to your new room. Check out our article on how to duplicate a room for more information.

Customize a room

Select Customize to be taken to the customization page of your room.


Check out these articles on how to customize the room and how to customize the lobby.

Join a room

Click Join to join the room. For more info on how this works, check out this guide.



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