How to Secure Your Rooms and Webinars

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Session provides different ways for you to secure your rooms and webinars. You can choose to use any combination or all 3 security features if you would like to. This article will show you how to access the settings and will explain each option in detail.

Accessing the Security Settings

Room Owners

As the room owner, you can take the steps listed below to access the security settings for your room

  • While logged into your room owner account, navigate to your dashboard
  • Click on the tile for the room or webinar that you would like to customize


  • Next, click on Customize


  • From within the customization panel, click on Security



The steps to access the room's security settings are a bit different for hosts and can be found below. Room owners can follow the steps below as well.

  • Use the room's host join link to join the room or webinar. The room owner or another host has to provide you with this link. 
  • Join the room 
  • Click on the customize room icon cog_wheel.JPG at the bottom right of the room to access the customization panel
  • Click on Security



From here, you can choose to secure the room using a secure invite link, restricting participants by domain, and configuring so that participants need to ask to join. 

Securing your Room with a Secure invite link

This setting is enabled by default for all newly created rooms and webinars and it allows you to protect your room with a unique code built into the invite link. 

In order to access the link and the passcode, you will need to click on Show details 


Next, click on Copy link to copy the secure invite link for your room. Likewise, click on Copy code to copy the passcode. Participants will need to enter this when they navigate to the link before they can fully access the room's lobby. 


Click on the Generate new link and passcode button if you would like to create a link and code.

It is not possible to manually change the link or the code. Also, you cannot choose to only get a new link or only get a new code. 

When participants navigate to the room's join link, they will be required to enter the passcode. Once the correct code is entered, they can then configure their audio and video settings then join the room.


Disabling the Secure Invite Link Feature

The feature can be disabled, however, please note that a new passcode and invite link will be generated when it is enabled.

To disable the secure invite link feature, click on the toggle next to the option in question to turn it off. Next, click on the Disable button to confirm.


Restrict participants by domain

You can enable this feature under the room security settings as well to only allow participants with specific email domains to access the room. To use this feature:

  • Click on the toggle to turn it on
  • Next, enter the domains that you would like to be able to access the room. For example, If you are entering multiple domains, they must be separated by commas. 
  • Click on the Save button


Participants will be shown the following screen when they navigate to the room's lobby. They must enter their email address and click on the Request access link button. 


If the email address domain is on the allowed list for the room, they will be sent an access link that will take them to the room's lobby for them to join. 

No email will be sent if the email address entered is not on the allowed list.

If the participant is already logged in to their Session account and the email address is not allowed, they will be notified of this. If they have another Session account that is associated with the acceptable email, they will have the option to log in to that account instead. 


Disabling domain restriction

Please note that disabling this feature will reset the settings. You will be required to manually re-enter the domains if you choose to reenable the feature once more. 

To disable the feature click on the toggle next to Restrict participants by domain, then click on the red Unlock button.


Require participants to Ask to join

Once enabled the room will be locked and participants will need to click on an Ask to join button that will be presented to them while in the lobby. They must then wait for a host to approve the request so that they can enter the room. 

To enable this feature, simply click on the toggle to toggle it on. To turn it off, click on the toggle once more. 


Here is how it will look for participants


On the room owner's and host's end, you'll receive a notification within Session if you are inside the room's lobby, or if you are inside the room itself. Simply click on Allow to grant them access.

Please review Managing Participant Entry Into Locked Rooms to learn more.

Things to note

  • If all three security features are enabled, participants will be restricted by domain by default. They'll then be required to click on Ask to join when they are taken to the room's lobby after using their access link.
  • We recommend using one or more of the security features to secure your rooms.

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